T.A.C.O. Invite (Totally Awesome Career Opportunity)

T.A.C.O. Invite

Need a fun, exciting twist on how to attract more guests to your party? Host a T.A.C.O. career night event! Send out your invitations, set up the chips and salsa, then watch the guests pile in. Hot, delicious tacos will swiftly roll in guests and quickly fill up your table. Who can say no to free food while being informed about what the Mary Kay career path has to offer them? Tell your guests to bring their family and friends to a thrilling night while learning about Mary Kay. You can even spice it up with hosting prizes and pampering to show your guests what a great path Mary Kay has offered you and how they can become a part of the familia (family)!

We have added this invite to our Unit Websites Training Center under Invites. With an editable text box, you can set your date, time, location, and other important notes (such as bringing desserts or even offering free babysitting). All you need to do is download the file below, fill out your T.A.C.O. night information, and let the fiesta begin. This bold, bright invitation will surely catch their eyes and will make them curious about the Totally Awesome Career Opportunity. Don’t forget to mention “Free Tacos”!

Mary Kay T.A.C.O. Night Invitation

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Booking Dialogues by Lisa Anne Harmon

Updated by SSD Melissa Mays & Tips from SSD Chatney Gelfius

The Booking Dialogue by Lisa Anne Harmon is filled with tips and guides to best help you and your success. Within her first year of being a Mary Kay consultant Lisa Harmon earned seven diamond rings in the court of sales and sold over $36,000. She became determined to meet her weekly goals and eventually started a remarkable unit that has been to the Circle of Excellence for 11 years. By living through the Golden Rule, Lisa has been given the title of “Miss Go Give”. Lisa strongly believes that women should be accomplishing their financial independence by having a growing, strong MK business.

Below are Booking Dialogues by Lisa Anne Harmon. It is divided into booking tips, Perfect Start, Turning A Facial Into A Class, Booking Blitz, Tentative Date Booking Approach, Mary Kay’s Correct Booking Approach, Follow Up On Profile Card Referrals, Preferred Customer Program Follow-Up, Warm Chatter/Thank You Gift, Before & After Portfolio, Booking and E Class, Booth Follow-Up, Inviting A Guest To The Meeting, and Booking An Interview.

The more booking scripts you have, the better! When you are familiar with the different types of booking scripts, it will help you focus upon which script you need for your client phone calls. It’s kind of like choosing a certain lip gloss color for a special event.

Click and download to keep or print, so you will be on your game before you call!

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Operation Mary Kay – Women of Valor

Soldiers’ Angels

Last year many Mary Kay consultants partnered with a non-profit charity called Soldiers’ Angels. Operation Mary Kay’s mission is to provide aid and comfort to the men and women of the United States Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, and their families and to improve the lives of a growing veteran population.

This year one of the many programs Soldiers’ Angels is promoting is called “Women of Valor”. 

Women of Valor provides support to female caregivers of Post 9-11 wounded, ill and injured service members… While the focus is often times on the wounded, ill and injured member, this team focuses solely on the female caregiver to ensure they are pampered, loved, and receive the necessary supportive materials to help them along this journey.

As our female caregivers register for the program, they are vetted to ensure eligibility and then approved for adoption. Each female caregiver will be matched with a Verified Angel on this team. The matched Angel will provide year round support to their assigned caregiver, with an emphasis on major holidays that might be major stressors for caregivers – Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, their anniversary and birthday. Our caregivers are often so busy caring for their wounded loved one that they often don’t take care of themselves.

Angels will provide packages containing wonderful items to pamper our caregivers, but will also be providing educational and other materials provided to the volunteers by Soldiers’ Angels. Educational materials are selected by experts in the field. The Women of Valor team is led by two inspirational women who both have PhDs in related fields and a military background.

Download the donation sheet (left) to enter your information, or give your consultants an Operation Mary Kay information sheet by downloading the “How It Works” flyer (right).

Operation May Kay DonateOperation Mary Kay How It Works











QT Office is promoting this special program in our Seasonal Selling center because we are passionate about having an effective way for you to spread the word of Operation Mary Kay and to help raise awareness and support. We believe these women should be pampered and taken care of for all of the generous help they give our soldiers.

The donation sheet has an editable text box so it is easy for anyone to enter their information to help bring comfort and ease to the female caregivers. The information sheet is for your consultants to help them better understand how Operation Mary Kay Works and how they can help donate products to the female care givers.

Make sure you don’t miss a wonderful opportunity like this and check out our Facebook and Pinterest pages. If you don’t have a unit websites, or are looking for a ‘new look’, check out our live Unit Websites at www.qtoffice.com.

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Mary Kay® Class Invite Tool: 60 Guests in 6 Minutes

We created this great flyer to help your hostess brainstorm guests to invite to her class.   Of course, all 60 will not be able to make it, but over-inviting is a great way to ensure a good turn out. Plus, she can take outside orders for all those who will not be able to make it.  Many hostess plans give her an added benefit for having outside sales or it may give her more party sales which can equal greater rewards.  Always make sure there is something in it for her, and that she completely understands her hostess rewards.

60 Guests in 6 Minutes

The 60 Guests in 6 Minutes is also a great Mary Kay® class invite tool to add to new consultant packages to help your new team member quickly realize how many people she knows and can share her new business with.

We have added it to our Unit Websites in our Training Center under “Coaching” because it is a great item to add to your hostess packets, and getting a hostess packet to anyone hosting a party for you is a great step in coaching your classes.

Coaching your classes help the chances of your party succeeding as well as better attendance which will turn into better sales.  It tells your hostess what she can expect and get her excited about all the items she can earn from your hostess plan.

To learn more about hostess coaching and get great flyers like this visit one of our QT Office Unit Websites and check out our Training Center.  

Mary Kay® Silent Hostess Flyer

When you encounter someone who feels they are just too busy to have a class for you a great option is to offer them the chance to earn a silent hostess reward. QT Office has created a new and trendy Mary Kay® Silent Hostess Flyer for you to explain the benefits of being a silent hostess.

Silent Hostess Flyer

How to:

Show The Look book to friends and family and take orders with an order form. Make sure the purchasing person fills out the contact information for proper customer service and delivery.

Invite friends and family to shop on your Mary Kay® personal website. To know who to give hostess credit to make sure they enter the hostess name in the comments section.

Adding samples that your silent hostess can pass around can help to boost sales and give her a fun conversation starter. Along with this flyer you will want to be sure to include a few order forms. You could even add a few copies of The Look book to help her create excitement.

You can find this flyer and other great training material in our Unit Website Training Center in the Booking category. Mary Kay Ash always said “if you’re out of bookings you’re out of business”.

Mary Kay® Model Gift Certificate

QT Office has created this fabulous Mary Kay® model gift certificate for you to give to potential guests. It offers them $10 in free product for helping you build your professional portfolio. We have an editable text box where you can add your personal information; this keeps it professional and sharp. Hand writing on customer’s handouts just doesn’t look as sharp. We will be adding this to our Unit Websites Training Center in the Invite category.

Click image to print or download
Model Gift Certificate

National Sales Director Auri Hatheway said, “The more times you write in your date book is equivalent to writing inside your checkbook.” Mary Kay Ash always said “If you’re out of booking, you’re out of business.”

Booking sets the pace of everything else in your business. Before you sell you have to book it. In order to coach an appointment you have to book it. When you think about it every new team member you add probably came from a booking. She was either a guest at a unit meeting or event or you met her at a skin care class or facial. One way or another, before you can add her to your team you had to book her.

That is why we are so passionate about this category in our Training Center; nothing happens in your business until you book something.

Mary Kay® Sales Director Rachel Ellis and her “Glam Girls” Unit Website

Rachel Ellis Glam Girls Unit WebsiteRachel Ellis Glam Girls

One of the great things we get to do here at QT Office is get to know our Independent Sales Directors and Nationals and learn a little more about them. Today we had the opportunity to speak to Rachel Ellis who has her “Glam Girls” Unit Website maintained by QT. We asked her a few quick questions so if you would like to know a little more about Rachel keep reading.


1. What National Area are you in? I am go give

2. How long have you been with Mary Kay®? 4 years

3. What advice would you give to a new Mary Kay® Consultant just starting out? Show up to meetings, stay plugged in.

4. What is your favorite thing about your Mary Kay® Business? I love the friendships.

5. What is your favorite thing about QT Office? – Making my life so much easier and helping me get systems in place so I can grow a larger unit.

You can see Rachel’s Unit website live at www.rachelsglamgirls.com

If you would like to get your own beautiful Mary Kay® Unit Website then visit www.qtoffice.com

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Christmas Coffee Mary Kay® Holiday Booking Idea

Today we are sharing information on a Mary Kay® holiday booking idea called “Holiday Coffee”. You could call it by many other names but this one if my personal favorite. Taking advantage of opportunities like this can be huge for you business this time of year.

According to the American Research Group “shoppers around the country say they are planning to spend an average of $854 for gifts this holiday season, up from $646 last year” according to their twenty-seventh annual survey on holiday spending.

As a Mary Kay beauty consultant you could fill many of these gift giving needs. I know shopping for gifts for others is one of my favorite things that I get to do during the holidays. I love buying gifts, and it’s a good thing because I do the purchasing for my entire family and my husband’s and my employees. You will have many women like this in your customer base and meet many more between now and Christmas.

Start talking about it now at all of your appointments. Hold up your gift sets and make recommendations on why this would be great for certain people in their life. For example you could show the new Mary Kay At Play products and remind them this would be great for your daughter and for her to give as a gift to her friends.

Just think if from now until Christmas everyone you normally sell to purchased just one Christmas gift from you how much your sales would increase. Maybe enough to pay for you Christmas gifts to your family and friends!

Mary Kay® Holiday Booking Idea

We will be adding this fabulous idea to our QT Office Unit Websites Training Center in the Holiday section. We will be filling it from now until Christmas with new and trendy ideas for booking and selling to help you have the best season in your Mary Kay® business ever.

We will be sharing many great Christmas ideas throughout the holiday season. To make sure you don’t miss a single great idea you can like us on Facebook or subscribe to our blog to have articles like these sent to your email.

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Holiday Stop and Shop Idea by NSD Kim McClure

We are so excited about this next idea. National Sales Director Kim McClure created it. It’s called Holiday Stop and Shop and now is the time to start doing these. So read this great training, get excited and get on the phone! Get started before the craziness of the holiday season kicks in and before your customers have already made their gift purchases.

We will be adding this fabulous idea to our QT Office Unit Websites Training Center in the Holiday section. We will be filling it from now until Christmas with new and trendy ideas for having the best season in your Mary Kay® business ever.

Click on the flyer to print

holiday booking idea mary kay


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Fun Mary Kay® Flyer for Fall and Halloween Bookings

Is it time to check in with your customers for their fall skin care needs? Our skin care needs change due to the weather. When it’s cold outside, and often times windy, we come inside to dry heat.

By asking the right questions you will know if your customers need a seasonal product change-up. A few great examples of questions to ask would be:

  • Does your skin feel tight? – One sign that your skin needs more moisture is that feeling of tightness. If you have a customer telling you her skin feels that is one way you know her moisturizer needs adjusting.
  • Do you have any flakiness? – This would be in more extreme cases and would be a definite way to know your skin is thirsting for moisture.

Another huge added benefit of moisture is it minimizes the look of fine lines; the dry winter skin makes them more noticeable.

Robert Jones, celebrity make-up artist and author, says “one of the most important things is making the skin as supple as possible so moisturize, moisturize, moisturize”. Robert also feels that uneven skin tone is the most aging thing on women, even more than wrinkles, so now would be a great time to check out their foundation and powder.

A new appointment for a full facial may be necessary or just a quick meeting to rematch foundation. You could also suggest the new Translucent Powder to meet your customer’s needs all year, and never mismatch their skin due to the changing of the seasons.

This is a fun flyer with an editable text box for you to fill in your information. We never want to hand write anything on our material that we give to customers; it gives an unprofessional look. We made it three to a sheet to make it affordable if you wanted to print full color.

Halloween Handout

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